YOANKU Car Backseat Organizer with Dining Table – PU Leather Auto Back Seat Pocket Storage Bag Tray Foldable Car Tablet Holder (1 Pack, Black)

1.Get this product if you are looking for a solid, long-lasting, durable organizer storage for you and your car’s seats.

2.It covers the entire seat and offers a perfect solution for your and your kids’ storage needs. Toys, umbrellas, phones, tablets, ipads, pens, pencils, markers, usb sticks, water bottles, chargers, books, creams, diapers, wet wipes, napkins, magazines, newspapers, bank deposit slips, personal checks, makeup tools and accessories, travel items…

3.You will enjoy looking at this car organizer every time you get into your car and your eyes touch it. It will always offer you a spot to put something in.

Product Features

  • KEEP YOUR CAR ORGANIZED – The car seat back organizer keep your seat clean and will protect your seat from getting scratched. It will cover your full seat.
  • FUNCTIONAL USE – Plenty of storage pockets and drink holders for items. Large pockets that you can easily put what you want on it – all useful items that have been adding to the annoying clutter in your glove box and middle console.
  • ALL NEW MULTI-TABLE – It can be used as an dining table after put the folding part down! They are slim enough when folded up for the kids to get in and they fit close to the back for the front seat when folded. When you unfold them there are compartments for their drinks, snacks, and the box that that quick snack from the drive through.
  • TOUCH YOUR PHONE OR TABLET ANYTIME. You can turn-on and off video clips even when the phone or tablet is inside the pocket, so that the kids can watch videos or listen to music on your phone/ tablet while you are driving. Make your long distance driving time more convenient and comfortable. The material is indestructible that will definitely last a lifetime, and it is easy to clean.
  • SIMPLE AND EASY TO INSTALL – Long enough adjustable top and bottom buckle straps. The bottom strap remains tucked under the seat back so the driver and passenger don’t feel it. The Backseat Organizer will stay in place it won’t slide off your car seat.