Wood Slab, Behind the Sofa Table, Natural Edge Buffet Table, Bar Top, Counter Top, Long Shelf, rustic table, rustic counter, rustic bar, live edge sofa table,

**FREE SHIPPING** Call us with any Questions! – 800-479-0032 COMMON QUESTIONS: **ARE SLABS DRIED AND FINISHED? Yes, All slabs are air dried for 2-3 years and kiln dried for 1-2 months to insure the slabs do not warp or crack in your environment. They are sanded to a fine, smooth finish. **CAN I CHOOSE THE COLOR OF MY SLAB? Slabs can be stained to your color preference (pic above for color choices) or left natural. **WILL MY SLAB HAVE A LIVE EDGE? All slabs have a live edge. (Please specify if you would like the live edge to be on both sides) **WHAT SPECIES WILL MY SLAB BE? Depending on the width you would like your slab to be, will determine the species we use to accommodate your order. Species used: Maple, Ash, Elm, Beech and Pine. (We have walnut, cherry & oak available for an additional cost.) **DO YOU SELL LEGS OR BRACKETS? Yes we do! We have different leg and bracket options, please message us for details! **HOW THICK ARE THE SLABS? 2-3″ thick – we do have some thinner pieces available on occasion, please message us. **HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO GET MY ORDER? Lead time is 2-3 weeks to your door step. **Wider widths available for additional cost** (Please message us for pricing on wider slabs) CONTACT US // 800-479-0032 www.MakariosDecor.com SEE ALL OUR PRODUCTS // https://shopmakarios.com/collections/all-products