Well Pack Box Wooden Pirate Treasure Chest 9” x 7” x 5” with 144 Plastic Gold Coins Authentic Paper Pirate Commission Real World Brown Nautical Paper Map

TREASURE CHEST INCLUDES 144 PLASTIC GOLD COINS, TREASURE MAP, AND A PIRATE COMMISSION. Written on parchment paper, the commission is your passport for your swashbuckle adventure CHEST MEASURES 9″ x 7″ x 5″. Perfect to raise the Jolly Rodger for that pirate in anyone. 144 ANTIQUE STYLE PLASTIC GOLD COINS make you feel like a true pirate king. TREASURE MAP ON ANTIQUE STYLE PAPER WITH GOLD COLOR FIBERS WOVEN. ANTIQUE STYLE PIRATE COMMISSION ON PARCHMENT PAPER SIGNED BYTHE CAPTAIN. This commission feels and looks like the real thing. Very cool. WE LOVE PIRATE STUFF! We searched the World For Everything Pirate.

Product Features

  • WE LOVE PIRATE STUFF! Here at WellPackBox we searched the world for everything pirate!
  • ARTISAN CRAFTED: With inlaid cast iron around this handcrafted polished wood comes an ideal adventure pirate chests. With attention to detail each chest is equipped with a midnight black hasp that can be fit with a lock in order to protect treasure.
  • TREASURE SET: A pirate is never fully prepared for his journey without a map. With new experiences and relationships through thrilling adventure, it is time to be free-spirited and courageous in the physical world, simply by boarding a ship and pointing towards the horizon. Especially in contrast to our fast-paced lives of today, the pirate life is appealing.
  • ATTENTION TO DETAIL: As precious as your riches are to you, we made it our mission to value the manufacturing of our chests. All of our chests are processed and enhanced in the United States to give people a beautiful yet durable centerpiece for any event.
  • INCLUDES: Strong 9″ x 7″ x 5″ antique wood treasure box with 144 plastic gold coins, an antique style pirate map and pirate commission