Venture Horizon Media Storage Tower-Regular Triple Cherry

Venture Horizon Media Storage Towers- Regular 50″ will indeed hold an entire media collection and then some. All that in a wall hugging slim cabinet design. Adjustable shelves (5/8″ increments) are only 6″ deep but a generous 24″ wide. They are available in both 50″ and 76″ heights in all 3 models (Single/Double/Triple). The 50″ high Single Tower has 7 adjustable shelves (5/8″ increments) plus the fixed base. The 50″ Double has 14 adjustable shelves (5/8″ increments) plus 2 base sections for storage. The 50″ Triple Tower has 21 adjustable shelves (5/8″ increments) plus 3 base sections for storage. Our Media Storage Towers are constructed from heavy duty laminated wood composites. They are framed in molded *MDF (medium density fiberboard) that enables us to trim the weight of our towers by about 30% over original models. Choose from cherry, oak, walnut, black and white with a matching base. Assembly required. Made in the USA. Media Capacity: 50″ Regular-Single (Model 2401-Color) Holds 464 CDs or 234 DVDs, 50″ Regular-Double (Model 2402-Color) Holds 928 CDs or 468 DVDs, 50″ Regular-Triple (Model 2403-Color) Holds 1392 CDs or 702 DVDs. Venture Horizon 1984-2018. The photographs, images and product copy contained on this, and any other page or site selling or offering Venture Horizon Products, are the property of Venture Horizon.

Product Features

  • Holds up to 1392 CDs OR 702 DVDs
  • 50″ High in 3 widths
  • 21-6″ Deep Adjustable Shelves (5/8″ increments) & 3 Fixed Shelves
  • Available in 5 finishes: black, cherry, oak, walnut, white
  • Made in USA