UNITRIP Electric Arc BBQ Lighter, Cooking Igniter Camping Grill Pulse Lighter Windproof Flameless 360° Flexible Neck Lighter with USB Rechargeable(Gray)

UNITRIP Arc BBQ Lighter is an perfect Ignition tool with amazing shape.
It’s suitable for igniting fire stove, candles,Fireplace Pilot,Wood wool.etc.
Electric Pulse Lighters match birthday,utility lighting,outdoor camping,and fire starter.
Rechargeable battery can reach more than 500 times spark per single charge.
A charge can be filled within 2-3 hours .
This grill lighter has a new smart chip added to the device which protects against overheating, overcharging, short circuit protection and more! 

Lighter Diensions: 10″x 0.6″x 0.6″
Packing Dimension : 11″* 2.5″* 1.2″
Material:stainless steel flexible hose+aluminum alloy
Package Included:
1 * Arc BBQ Lighter 
1 * USB Charger Cable
1 * Gift Box

Product Features

  • * Multi-purpose Ignition Design: UNITRIP BBQ lighter is suitable for household gas, candles, barbecue in the wild. Anti-strong wind design can achieve no gas ignition and no oil ignition,so it adapts to use in different harsh environments. No sparks, no odor, hidden lighters and child protection safety buttons make it safe when charging or not in use.The long handle keeps distance and avoid hot hands
  • * Innovation and Upgrade: Effective anti-leakage, automatic power-off in ten seconds, full automatic power-off, battery protection, short-circuit protection. Users are safer, more stable, and smarter. Made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, it is resistant to high temperature, reasonable structure and easy to clean
  • * Visual Power Storage Design: charging capacity indicator, when 5 LED lights are on, it is fully charged. USB lighters provide more than 500 ignitions when fully charged
  • * Universal USB Charge: Portable charging design makes it can be charged by computer, power Bank, car and so on. The size of this flameless lighter is very small. It is suitable for everyday indoor and outdoor use. Particularly suitable for travel camping, hiking, barbecue, candles, cooking, fireplaces, fireworks, etc
  • * 360°Rotating Neck: The long flexible neck can be rotated 360 degrees and can be bent in different directions to meet different application needs. The length and safety switch also keep you away from injury