TORCHSTAR 2 Pack Dimmable Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp with Wooden Basket, UL-Listed Power Line & Socket, for Ambiance Lighting, Decoration, Yoga, Purifying Air, 4.3×3.94×4.1inch(4 Bulbs Included)

Health-giving Himalayan Salt Lamp
The lamp is made of hundreds of millions of years old natural salt crystals which are the
cleanest form of salt available from Pakistan (located on the western edge of the
Himalayan Mountains). These Himalayan salt chunks are all hand-mined, so each lamp
you purchased is unique to be a gift. It is widely used as a gentle ambiance lighting to
create a warm and tranquil atmosphere. Whether in the bedroom or in your office, study,
this salt lamp provides a natural touch and stress-free environment.

Compared with other single piece of salt, salt chunks have a much larger heating surface
which means they could emit much more negative ions which could alleviate Allergies &
Asthma and reduce electromagnetic radiation by sedimentating electropositive floating
dust in the surrounding air. By that, this lamp is also conducive to deep sleep and could
indirectly boost our alertness and counter flagging energy levels.

For those reasons, the lamp is suitable to be placed beside computer, TV or microwave
oven, etc. Also, ideal for ambiance lighting for prayer, yoga, meditate or massage, etc.

1.If this lamp will stay off for some time, please take out the salt chunks and store them in an
airtight, clean and waterless plastic bag to prevent deliquescence.
2.Please don’t touch the scorching salt chunks directly in case of any unnecessary injuries.
Keep it away from kids under 3 years old.

Package Included:
a. 1 × Salt Lamp
b. 2 × 15W E12 Bulbs
c. 1 × Rotary Dimmer Switch
d. 1 × Manual

Product Features

  • ☀ The heated Himalayan salt chunks alleviate allergies and asthma by purifying and deodorize the surrounding air, improving your mood and concentration, helping you sleep better and creating a stress-free environment at home with the help of the negative ions emitted
  • ☀ Just like a mysterious fire, the natural and beautiful orange-red glow of this light smooths your inner spirit. This creates the perfect atmospheric lighting for activities like prayer and yoga
  • ☀ The plug-n-play design lets you place this 4.3×3.94×4.1inch space saving light anywhere you need it. The thermal insulating wooden basket keeps it safe to touch
  • ☀Each individual salt chunk is hand-mined and possesses a unique shape and weight. Use it to decorate your bedroom, living room, study, kitchen, office or bar
  • ☀ The plug, cord and socket is UL-listed eliminating the risk of fires, overheating and switch problems, guaranteeing your safety