Self Closing Electrical Outlet Covers, Child Proof Safety Universal Wall Socket Plugs, Automatic Sliding Cap Cover Standard Wall Outlet Plate (8 Pack)


Make sure to not tighten the screw too tight or you can’t open the slots.
These are so much better than the little plastic things you put in each outlet.
These plug covers are great! Super easy for mommy to install, very safe for the little ones.
SO much better than conventional plug covers.
Exactly what you need to protect your baby from electrical hazard.

Product Features

  • Quickly and easily install, simply replacing the existing outlet cover. It is plenty easy to plug an item in and when the little tike pulls them out the cover snaps closed fast and secure. This is great for outlets that always have something plugged in.
  • These outlets are a great solution to keeping baby fingers out of the outlets that you use often. So much more convenient that inserting and removing other outlet plugs.
  • Great safety covers, Great alternative to the outlet plugs or bulky & complicated outlet covers. Nothing to remove or avoid when trying to place furniture against the wall, looks neat and works great. No need for the outlet caps which can be hard to take off.
  • Sturdy and good quality, These are truly universal Most other brands are for standard outlets with a screw in the middle, Adults can still easily use the outlets. No plastic covers to misplace or need to replace.
  • These outlet covers are very helpful and useful. These outlets offer ease of use while providing excellent protection when not in use.