Safety Corner Guards for Baby Kids,Clear Protectors Soft Premiun Child Proofing,Home Furniture Tables Desk Sofa Bumpers Adhesive,Sharp Edge Cusion(24 Pack)

Safety Corner Guards – “Foremost Protection for Toddlers; 2 Minutes Installation; Clear and blend seamless with your furniture; Strong enough to stay on; Peace of Mind” – For You, For Dear Family Members.

Home safety is our priority for your baby’s safety.At each home,sharp edges on tables,desks,cabinets,shelves,sofe,stairs,beds are inevitable,so protecting your loved babies from injuries are extremely urgent.Do not worry,we’ve got you covered with our awesome corner cushions!

Great Benefits:
1) Great protection for children
2) Modern CLEAR childproofing
3) Simple and quick installation
4) Semi-soft,flexible
5) Fit for any furnitures
6) Forever at peace

Installation Instructions:
1) Clean surface and left it dry completely
2) Remove backing and fit the corner guards to the place you need to protect
3) Press and hold each side firmly for at least 20 seconds.Wait at least 48 hours for full adhesion before testing

Easy to remove:
1. Place a warm cloth over the corner and allow adhesive to soften.
2. Gently peel back the edges of the caring corner.
3. Roll away any remaining adhesive and clean the surface.(Please carefully when removing from painted or stained surfaces.)

Package Include:
– 24 × Ball-shaped Corner Guards

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Your satisfaction is our continuous momentum. We promise 100% satisfaction guarantee. If anything goes wrong, a brand-new product or a full refund is just a few clicks away

Product Features

  • AWESOME SAFETY PROTECTION FOR TODDLERS AND KIDS: With the nature to play, kids’ safety comes to your first consider everywhere sharp corners are. You can relax a little when the soft table corners are installed! The flexible ball shape helps to create a safe and hazard-free home for your children.
  • SIMPLE & EASY INSTALLATION: Securing your home has never been easier. With 3M adhesive outfitted, you just need to remove the backing and stick on. It’s that simple! By these clear corner guards, your children are protected instantly!
  • CLEAR,TRANSPARENT AND CLEAN: The furniture corner guards are clear and transparent, blending in with the furniture seamlessly. Even you have put them on, they can not be noticed obviously. So they are not an eyesore like any other corner covers.
  • PERFECT FOR ALL AGES & ALL 90′ CORNERS FURNITURES: Not only for protecting kids well, but the elder, even yourselves are also beneficial from the round corner guards.They let you feel more confident to walk around at night and not worry about catching a corner by mistake. Never again will you feel fearful and anxious that your child is at risk of serious injury.
  • 100% QUALITY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Our child-proof and high quality corner guards are all through serious test ex-factory even double check before delivery to bring you peace at mind. Your toddlers are guaranteed to be safe upon your invest on our corner protectors. We promise lifetime warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. If anything goes wrong, a brand-new product or a full refund is just a few clicks away.