Pro Goleem 6 PCS Cat Scratching Guard Self-Adhesive Couch Guard for Cat Furniture Protector/Cat Scratch Deterrent for Sofa, Chair, Door, Table with 24 Twist Pins for Upholstery (17’’×13’’)

About Pro Goleem

Pro Goleem is a professional company focusing on pet supplies.

We aim to help pet grow up happy and healthy.

Why do we need a cat scratching guard?

Due to the nature of our furry friend, they would like to scratch something. 

But sometimes they can not figure out what can scratch and what not.

Therefore, your precious furniture is always in danger. 

So, here comes our practical cat scratching guard.

How does the cat scratching guard work?

Our cat scratching guard is smooth enough to leave no space

for your cat to scratch. Once your cat realizes he can not scratch

On the couch, then he would lose his interest on it and turn to find scratching post.

Product Specification:

Package: 6 PCS X-LARGE cat scratching guard and 24 twist pins included.

Type: Cat scratching guard.

Size: Each is 17” long and 13” wide.

Material: Top-quality PVB material.

Product Features

  • PACKAGE AND SIZE: 6 PCS X-LARGE cat scratching guard and 24 twist pins included. Each furniture protector is 17”L × 13”W.
  • MAX PROTECTION: Installing the cat scratch guard on your couch to prevent your cat from destroying your precious furniture. Protect your beloved furniture from cat claw damage with efficiency.
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: Made from top-quality PVB material. It’s pretty pliable and flexible so the product could maximize its coverage square to protect every corner of your couch.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION: It can be used on many furniture vulnerable for cat not just couch. For example, you can install the cat scratching guard on the doors to avoid destruction from your furry friend.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Self -adhesive attribute makes it so easy to install. Just stick on your furniture and do not leave any crease. In addition, some twist pins included to help you make it in place.