Oriental Furniture 37″ Natural Fiber Chest of Drawers – White

With a look and feel similar to rattan, these are built from beautifully colored woven spun plant fiber cord. These are structurally strong furnishings that are amazingly lightweight. We’ve added casters so you can roll them to the spot where you need them most. Nowadays, some bed configurations include a mattress, box spring, and a steel frame, requiring an extra tall night stand or lamp table. At over a yard tall, this piece offers extra height and extra storage.

Product Features

  • Simple japanese design 2 sizes, 4 dwr. (29″ t by 17″ w by 13″ d), 5 dwr. (37″ t by 17″ w by 13″ d)
  • Beautiful, deep dyed spun plant fiber cord in black, mocha, mahogany, white or honey
  • Unique, distinctive, ultra practical storage, great end table, nightstand or lamp table
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