Household Essentials Decorative Metal Banded Wooden Storage Trunk with Handles, Large

Household Essentials Large Metal Banded Wooden Trunk Set is a beautifully finished storage chest. The large wood storage chest is 15.75 inches high x 27.375 inches wide x 16 inches deep. The chest has 2 decorative metal bands wrapping around its base. The metal bands are embossed with decorative scrollwork. Around the bands, the light wood of the trunk shows to create a 2-toned trunk. Rope handles on the sides provide a place to grip when lifting or moving the trunks. The hinged lid clicks as it opens. The clicks indicate the positions that the lid will stay open on its own, without being held. Perfect as a treasure chest, large keepsake trunk, blanket chest and more!

Product Features

  • Large wooden trunk with 2 tones of wood and intricate decorative detail
  • Dark-painted interior with ample storage space
  • Hinged lid opens fully and stays open
  • Beautiful dark wood with scroll relief design and light wood accents
  • 15.75 inches high x 27.375 inches wide x 16 inches deep