Fireplace Heater – Electric Fireplace Stove w/Fast Heating System, 500W Portable Space Heater for Room with Realistic 3D Fake Fireplace Flame, Overheat Tip-Over Protection for Office Indoor Use

When you need a warming space in the cool environment, the TRUSTECH fireplace heater is your choice. Our infrared fireplace heater meets the exacting specifications of all industrial applications to help you efficiently, safely and efficiently. Enjoying your warming space more comfortably and longer with this fake fireplace heater as well as 3D flame design to meet your needs today!


Portable fireplace heater is safe for use either outdoors or indoors, the warmth felt is the same than the one that we up from the sun. When electric fireplace heater is safe for use outdoors or indoors, operate silently, and do not require ventilation, and their use emits no greenhouse gases or unpleasant odors. This portable electric heater offers a nice and pleasing ambience and with no unpleasant odor.


The power switch design could turn on or off the flame and heating function. Turn the knob arrow to the position of first, indicating that the product flame is on. Turn the knob arrow to the position of second, indicating that the product flame is on and in the heating state. You can not only enjoy the flame effect to decorate your room, but you can also provide cozy warmth and attractive ambience for a living room, bedroom, den or family room.


Heat up areas in your home with this portable fireplace heater. Infrared fireplace heater helps to maintain the natural humidity within the air, resulting in moist, comfortable heat without drying out the room’s air. The black antique shape and 3D flame design will add a warm, traditional touch to your home, creating your ideal and most comfortable environment, and allows you to decide the temperature of your zone’s safe for use around children and pets.

Product Features

  • 【Fast Heating in 3 SECONDS 】 TRUSTECH infrared fireplace heater uses energy-efficient infrared technology that produces an instant warmth IN 3 SECONDS without running up your utility bills. With infrared technology, the electric fireplace heater maintains the room’s natural humidity – that means no harsh, dry air! Size: 9.1in. (W) x 6in. (D) x 9.9 in. (H)
  • 【EASY TO USE 】TRUSTECH portable electric heater is easy to use, Plug and heat. You can enjoy this winter in warm space. 500 Watt.
  • 【100% Safe with Tip-over & Overheating Protection】 This infrared fireplace heater stays cool to the touch, so you don’t have to worry about your kids or pets playing near it. Should the unit overheat or tip-over, it will automatically shut off. Both tip-over and overheating protections allow you to sit back, relax, moving, working and does not need to worried about it all the time, you and your family will be safe as well as warm.
  • 【Warm You Anywhere with Portable Size】 The portable fireplace measures 9″ and 10″ high and has a sturdy metal frame. The electric fireplace stove is so compact but provide supplemental heat for a space up to 500 square feet. You can easy to move from room-to-room as needed. You really can’t go wrong with this TRUSTECH portable infrared heater for use in homes, campers, dorms, offices, or anywhere an extra temporary heat source is needed.
  • 【Christmas Decorations with 3D Fake Fireplace Flame】 TRUSTECH Fake Fireplace heater looks incredibly similar to a real wood stove. The electric heater is powered by an LED light that lasts up to 50,000 hours. And the front features glass doors allow you to view the fake bed of embers and dancing flames, making it totally a charming addition to your rustic or old-world decor.