Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Puck Lights AIBOO 3 Lamps Kit with RF Remote Control for Home Kitchen Counter Lighting (Daylight White 6000K)

This is a wireless dimmable RF remote control LED under cabinet puck lighting, 3 kitchen cabinet light kit, low profile aluminum, easy to install, bright enough to replace 75W halogen cabinet lights.

Color Option: Daylight White(6000K).
Energy Saving: 2W, equal to 25W halogen, incandescent or fluorescent pucks.
Lumen Output: 200LM per puck light
CRI: >80
Size: Diameter: 2.3 inch, Thickness: 0.31 inch
Cable Length: 5ft for each puck light, 80 inch for power adapter, 40 inch for distributor
Material: Aluminum alloy

SAFE TO USE: UL listed power plug, 12Vdc output.
EASY TO INSTALL: You can either use 2 sided adhesive tapes or screws to install in wherever it fits.
ENERGY SAVING: 2W LED is to replace 25W halogen under cabinet puck lights, >90% electricity bill saving.
LOW PROFILE PUCK LIGHTING: Only 0.31 inch of height, it is almost invisible after installing the slim puck lights under the cabinet.
WIRELESS CONTROL DIMMABLE: By using the RF remote control, the under kitchen cabinet lights can be used for dimming from 0% to 100%. You can control the lights freely, no need to change the dimming setting again next time, no need to point to the receiver, no worries of the receiver hidden on the back of the cabinet.
MULTIPLE SETS WORKING TOGETHER: Many sets of counter lights can be working by using only 1 remote control. And they can also be working separately in synchronized by setting the remote controller.

3 x LED under cabinet puck light
1 x distributor
1 x power plug
1 x remote control + LED controller
3 x double adhesive stickers
6 x screws

Should you need any more remote controls, please refer to the ASIN #B01M7TGZ9B

Should you need any more extension cords, please refer to the ASIN: #B06XG8VM3L

Product Features

  • @ DIMMABLE UNDER CABINET LIGHTING 3 Pack: Dimming function from 0 to 100%.The latest dimming setting will be remembered when turned on next time.
  • @ WIRELESS CONTROL: coming with an RF remote control, signals can get through the cabinet or wall, no need for pointing to the receiver.
  • @ LOW PROFILE & INVISIBLE: The dimension of the slim puck light is: Diameter: 2.3 inch, Thickness: 0.31 inch.kitchen cabinet lights are almost invisible after installation
  • @ EASY TO INSTALL: All accessories provided for simple installation. Can be mounted by screws or 2 sided adhesive double stickers.
  • @ MULTIPLE REMOTE CONTROL: Many sets of under cabinet lights can be controlled by only one remote.