Charcoal Toothbrush Soft Bristles for Teeth Whitening – Zero Plastic Biodegradable Bamboo Handle by EcoKiss – Eco Friendly – for Adults and Kids – Natural Vegan Handle

Keep Your Dental Hygiene Flawless AND The Earth Safe, Thanks To This Incredible Set Of Ultra Soft Bamboo Toothbrushes Brought To You By EcoKiss!

Are you looking for a deluxe set of toothbrushes but don’t wanna use plastic ones?

Have you tried a bamboo toothbrush in the past but ended up throwing it away because it was of poor quality and tasted like wood?

Would you opt for a high-end quality, ergonomically designed toothbrush that is great-looking, practical, and affordable?

If this is the case, then EcoKiss will be happy to help you, because our Set of Toothbrushes is just the thing you’ve been looking for!

Find Out Why So Many People Have Chosen The EcoKiss Set!

Excellent Quality: The fact that a toothbrush isn’t plastic, doesn’t mean it should be flimsy, tear-prone, and not be able to withstand daily use! Enamel & Gum Protection: For people with sensitive gums, dentists recommend a toothbrush with ultra soft bristles; and EcoKiss respects their opinion! Great Buck-Saver: A four-piece set at an amazing price that can replace the toothbrushes of your whole family – or be kept as a spare-set that you could use for a whole year! Our Environment’s Best Friend: Need we emphasize on that? It is obvious that you truly care about the world you live in, and so do we, that’s why our toothbrushes (package included) are 95% biodegradable! Supporter Of Another Great Cause: We do not give our best just for our environment, but also for its people. Hence, with your invaluable help, we support B1G1 and aid in providing fresh water to people who cannot take it for granted!

So, What’s More, To Think About?

Place Your Order Now & Get Your Premium Quality EcoKiss Toothbrush Set Tonight!

Product Features

  • FOR EXTRA WHITENING POWER CHOOSE OUR CHARCOAL INFUSED BRISTLES. Activated charcol bristles swiftly eliminate bad breath (yuck). Combine with your favorite organic toothpaste or tooth powder for a brighter smile today.
  • BAMBOO, ECO FRIENDLY, SOFT & STYLISH: A HAVE-IT-ALL BRUSH! What do you want from a toothbrush? A gorgeous, recyclable package? Done. A comfortable fit which feels good in the hand? Done. Soft bristles for your sensitive gingivae? Done. A stylish, organic and compostable handle? Done and done!
  • YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE AND WE APPRECIATE IT! Your support assists our partner B1G1 (Buy 1 Give 1) provide fresh drinking water to people who can’t take it for granted. Women in our sponsored village can now focus on their education instead of walking miles to a well.
  • YOU WILL LOVE IT. YOUR FRIENDS WILL WANT IT! Dentists recommend you replace your brush every 3 months and we agree. That’s why there’s a year’s worth of brushing with every set. Subscribe and Save, or keep one at your home, one in your office, one for travel and a spare for guests! Your brushes, your choice.
  • THE MOST CARING PRESENT YOU CAN OFFER! Smart, innovative, and coming to You or your friends in an uber-cool package that boosts confidence and will certainly make them smile; this handy, environmentally friendly toothbrush set a great gift for your family, your parents, your best friend, or your partner! Create a plastic-free, chemical-free life for you and your friends today.