Baby-Proofing 12 Cabinets Locks and 8 Corner-Guards – 12 Buckles and Bonus 6 x Baby Safety Electric Plug Protectors – 3M Sticky Adhesive, and Locking Screws – Fast Installation – Made from Robust ABS

Got a child full of curiosity but you’re worried they’ll open the knife drawer and harm themselves, have no fear, the Child & Baby Safety
Kit comes with under-cabinet locks, plug protectors & corner guards. Click ADD TO CART now to make your home a toddler safe zone.

ABS Strength Materials for ultra durability Plug Protectors keep out cold drafts in winter 8 x Corner Guards to stop heads from being bumped 6 x Baby Safety Plugs keep little fingers out of electric sockets 12 x Cabinet Latches to keep medicines, cleaning fluids & scissors out of reach Babyproof Zone Let toddlers discover your house without ever harming themselves WILL THEY ALL STAY IN PLACE?

Yes, our cabinet door locks won’t be accessible to your child, the electric plug protectors are securely held in place, and our 90 degree
-shaped corner protection shields are stuck in position using 3M strength adhesive, which an adult can remove without staining the furniture.


Yes, we include enough screws & buckles to fit all the 12 cabinet locks set, and they are quality checked before delivery to ensure your happiness.
The whole set makes for a wonderful baby shower gift.

Buy with confidence you’re covered by our 100% Money Back Safety Zone Guarantee, no questions asked.
Click Add to Cart now to make your home a toddler safe zone.

Product Features

  • ⭐ TODDLER GUARD BUNDLE… all you need for baby-proofing your home by locking cabinets, capping electric sockets, & cushioning sharp corners from curious & playful kids
  • ★ FITS ALL CLOSETS & CUPBOARDS… supplied with 12 locks, & 12 buckles to fit cabinets with or without an inside edge; takes seconds to fit using screws or 3M extra strong adhesive
  • ★ SUITS ALL CABINETS & STAYS HIDDEN…our under-cabinet locks cannot be seen externally, so will not invite inquisitive fingers, or spoil the look of your kitchen & living room
  • ★ BLEND-IN CLEAR CORNER GUARDS… suit all furniture, & won’t attract your child unlike colored ones; 3M strength adhesives keep them stuck in position & won’t mark surfaces
  • ★ QUICK TO INSTALL… Regain control of your home in minutes with our slot-in-place baby safety plug protectors, easy-stick corner guards, & easy-fit cabinet locks (all screws, locks & buckles supplied)