A Body in the Bargain: A Kate & Kylie Mystery (Kate & Kylie Southern Mystery Book 1)

This is the first in the Kate & Kylie mystery series. Kick back and enjoy a story about best friends in the small town South. Kate’s single. She writes, paints watercolor landscapes and reads Jane Austen over and over. Kylie’s been married since she was 19, has twin boys and loves hunting for bargains and selling her crafts online. (She’s the bossy one). They’ve best friends since third grade at River Valley Elementary School.
When Kate inherits her grandmother’s old house and decides to move back to peaceful River Valley, she finds there’s anything but peace in the Valley.
First, she arrives to find that all her late grandmother’s old furniture has been stolen. Kylie comes to the rescue, and just a few days later the two of them are right in the middle of a murder investigation. Through it all, with Kylie’s help, Kate’s turning the old house into her own home with yard sale and thrift shop bargains and getting to know two very different men.
From the author of the Hunter Jones mystery series, the Kate & Kylie series is about people you might know and one or two you might just want to avoid. There are three more books in this series.